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Buckeye, Az

This 37-acre parcel of land is in Maricopa County in Arizona. The property is located on the Old Salome Highway, east of the Hassayampa River. The property can be sold in its entirety or in 8 four-to-five-acre parcels.

The property was chosen for its location near the Buckeye city limits and adjacent to Hickman Farms, one of the country’s leading egg farmers. The new Interstate 11 (I11), planned from Wickenburg, Arizona to Nogales, Arizona is scheduled to run near the property. The I11 project is currently working through its Tier I Environmental Impact Study.

This parcel is owned and managed by Buckeye Forty Investments LLC under the management of Raymond “Skip” Graham and Robert Dwyer.


Robert Dwyer

Rob Dwyer

Managing Partner
[email protected]

Skip Graham

Managing Partner
[email protected]

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